City Council Accepts Proposal for 10.6% RAISE for MAS Employees

Last week a Memphis city council committee voted to accept a proposed 10.6% pay raise for employees at Memphis Animal Services while proposing only a 3% pay raise for firefighters who are also seeing cuts in their pension plans.

Jim Strickland, a candidate for Mayor, voted against the proposed MAS pay raise. Via an email he sent to citizens, Strickland said: “The Animal Shelter workers wanted raises of 6% – 10% for the next two years. That is too large, and I voted against it. Even though there are only about 34 of those employees and the dollar amount is low, we cannot give them a bigger raise than everyone else … Right now, public safety should be the number one priority of City Government.”

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MAS Advisory Board Meetings

Please make plans to attend the upcoming Memphis Animal Services board meeting.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6:00-7:30 pm

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library

3030 Poplar Avenue

Meeting room A

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SOS Memphis believes that all matters concerning Memphis Animal Services (MAS) should be brought to the public’s attention, because transparency benefits our citizens and the animals. Any time MAS is allowed to operate in the shadows, it is not good for the citizens or animals in this community. If you have a positive experience at MAS, or if you witness animal abuse or neglect during a visit to MAS, WE WANT TO KNOW. Please contact us at Your identity will remain confidential.